Pentiment with Aaron - Episode 12

December 07, 2022 01:11:29
Pentiment with Aaron - Episode 12
Pedz' Game Shack
Pentiment with Aaron - Episode 12

Dec 07 2022 | 01:11:29


Show Notes

On the 12th podcast Episode, my true love gave to me an Aaron from 1518. OK, he isn't from 1518, but that is when Pentiment is set.

Currently Playing: Aaron has been playing Sonic Frontiers, Death Stranding and Sommerville. All very different games. I quickly talk about a few games I have been playing, including Pokémon: Violet.

Top News: The main topic of Discussion is Xbox's acquisition of Activision Blizzard King before under the eye of the FTC, but a little chat on the new Mario Movie and a Splinter Cell radio play is also lightly touched upon.

We Play Together: As the title of the episode says the game of the show is Pentiment. A tale of mystery and intrigue set in 1518 Bavaria.

Intro: 0:00

Saying Hi: 0:16

Currently Playing: 3:19

Top News: 27:08

We Play Together: 45:45

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