Game of the Year - Episode 15

January 18, 2023 02:34:00
Game of the Year - Episode 15
Pedz' Game Shack
Game of the Year - Episode 15

Jan 18 2023 | 02:34:00


Show Notes

After the last episode being relatively short, this episode goes the other way and is longer than normal. It's a special episode though so it's all good. We have 4 guests on this episode with returning guests Cumberdanes, Doomed Prinny and Jeffyard taking part and newcomer iLLfiNiTy. It's a Game of the Year Discussion that may have a surprise or two.

Worst Game: What was the worst game you played in 2022? Maybe the cast of this episode agrees or has a shocking view of a popular game!

Most Disappointing: The chat is about the games everyone played in 2022 that disappointed them the most. I think this is where another surprise lies.

Most Overlooked: The cast talk about games they think people may have simply not even bothered to check out. Maybe you'll find yourself a hidden gem.

Best Game Played in 2022 That Wasn't Released in 2022: This is where everyone talks about what game they loved that was released before 2022.

Game of the Year: Here's what you all waited for, the GOTY. What did the cast love?

Intro: 0:00 Saying Hello: 00:16 Worst Game Chat: 01:30 Jeff's: 01:57 Doomed Prinny's: 06:21 iLLfiNiTy's: 11:51 Cumberdanes': 15:39 Pedz': 20:00

Most Disappointing: 28:05 Cumberdanes': 28:37 iLLfiNiTy's: 34:45 Doomed Prinny's: 38:05 Jeffyard's: 46:50 Pedz': 52:53

Most Overlooked: 01:00:57 Doomed Prinny's: 01:01:50 iLLfiNiTy's: 01:07:42 Cumberdanes': 01:12:08 Jeffyard's: 01:15:34

Best Game You Played in 2022 That Wasn't Released in 2022: 01:20:42 iLLfiNiTy's: 01:21:19 Doomed Prinny: 01:24:57 Jeffyard's: 01:32:25 Cumberdanes': 01:39:16

Game of The Year: 01:42:36 iLLfiNiTy's: 01:42:54 Cumberdanes': 01:53:55 Doomed Prinny's: 02:00:48 Jeffyard's: 02:08:15

A Little Extra: 02:31:52

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